Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

    2. Download the Workbook 'How to Manage Anxiety Stress and Overwhelm'

    3. The Fundamentals of Mindfulness and Meditation

    4. Mindfulness for Managing Anxiety & Stress

    5. The Flight, Fight, Freeze and Fawn Response

    6. Mindfulness for Highly Sensitive People

    7. Guided Meditation: Emotional Balance and Harmony

    8. Breathwork Techniques

    9. Staying in Touch with our Emotions

    10. Create a Routine for Consistent Practice

    11. Connecting with what is Beyond the Ego

    12. Working with the Scope of our Awareness

    13. Meditation Script

    14. Meditation: Becoming the Space of Awareness

    15. Meditation: Open Expansive Awareness

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